Application Form


    Accept LounaStar Transportation Service Terms and conditions before submitting application.

    These terms and conditions create a contract between you and LounaStar Inc. (the “Agreement”). Please read the Agreement carefully. To confirm your understanding and acceptance of the Agreement, click “Agree.”

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, LounaStar is taking full precautions and will follow the CDC guidelines for School Buses. We ask that if your child is displaying any of the COVID-19 symptoms PLEASE keep them home.
    • Recording another person or people without permission is prohibited.
    • Phone can be taken from student if found watching inappropriate content and/or showing or sharing inappropriate content to other students.
    • Students are allowed 1 verbal warning, 3 written warnings, before they can get expelled from using our services. If the situation is a serious threat to the rest of the children on the bus such as violence, and disrespect, student can be immediately expel from the bus.
    I hereby give permission to LounaStar to take photographs and/or videos of students listed above that will become permanent/sole property of LounaStar. I consent to the use of such materials for promotional purposes by LounaStar.
      • Prices giving to clients varies based on seasons, school, the market, specials, promotions, mileage, and etc,. This is the reason that a price giving to one client maybe different from another (price should not be off by a great number if the addresses are close to one another).
      • A late fee of $5.00 will be apply to all payment that is made after payment due date (payment due date is every Monday of every service week) unless another date is communicated and agreed in advance with driver or administrator. 
      • A fee of $5.00 will be apply to each ‘return to stop’ or ‘rerouting’ service (see section I under ‘customer service’ for more details) 
      • A $25 fee will be apply to the responsible party of the student if there isn’t any one home after ‘rerouting’ and driver is waiting.
    • Services can be cancelled at anytime due to nonpayment, rerouting issues, complicated or inconvenient routes, or for any reasons that can hinder our business from performing at its highest level. 
    • Service can be rejected without giving any reasons.
    I understand that disruptive behavior (rude comments towards students, parents and LounaStar Bus Drivers, physical contact with other students, the lack of discipline during the bus ride, etc.) may require the termination of the contract with that student. I agree to abide by all LounaStar policies and will direct any comments or suggestions directly to the owner.
      • Driver must call 5-10 minutes prior to pick-up and drop-off the first week of service.
    • Driver is to wait for at least 3 minutes at each designated stop before leaving to go to the next destination.
    • Drivers must call main contact at least 2 times before leaving designated stop in ‘no call, no show’ situation.
    • Customers must communicate absent of student to driver 30 minutes prior to their morning pick-up time.
    • Lounastar inc. is not responsible for what happens to a child after being dropped-off to their destination that was agreed either verbally or on the application. We can only answer questions regard a child while they are under our care.